About us


Neaustima is the manufacturer of nonwovens in Lithuania. Main focus is the production of needle punched, thermal bonded, spray bonded nonwovens and PES fiber balls. We export our products to the countries in Europe and North America. 

We are the recyclers of post-industrial textile waste into fibers. 

Neaustima started the production of nonwovens in Siauliai under the other company name in 1963.  More than 60 years of experience in nonwovens world, the knowledge of technologies, willingness to walk extra mile for a customer need makes us a reliable partner. 

Today the company is trusted by customers who value quality and efficiency.

We produce

  • Nonwoven materials
  • PES fiber balls
  • Recycled textile fibers

We provide services

  • Cutting nonwoven material in sheets according to dimensions given by customer
  • Producing nonwovens according to customers' samples or inquiries
  • Post-industrial textile waste shredding/recycling into fibers supplied by customer
  • Organizing transport to the countries worldwide.


The Company has implemented ISO 9001:2015 Quality Management system.

The wadding is certified in accordance with Oeko-Tex Standard 100.

Geospal and Melitas geotextile materials are certified and labelled with the CE mark.

Thermo-bonded, spray-bonded polyester wadding and PES fiber balls, produced for furniture industry, meet British Standard BS 5852:1982 Part 2.

Quality technological equipment, high qualification of the Company’s team and smooth production process allow the company to produce a variety of materials and satisfy the clients’ needs.

The team of Neaustima is prepared to assist the customer in selecting the most suitable products, carrying out the order in a speedy manner and handling the delivery process.


  • Our aspiration is to send zero waste to landfill from our operations. In-process recycling in our production sites helps reducing the waste to a minimum.
  • We buy textile scraps and threads that occur during the manufacturing processes at sewing, knitting, spinning and other factories. Without using any chemicals, we mechanically recycle textile scraps into recycled fibers which are successfully used in further production.
  • We do not release any chemical substances in our production. 
  • Recycled polyester (rPET) is the first choice while producing synthetic nonwovens. 
We are proud of our

“There are no problems – there are only challenges” is our motto. We are everyday learners. We enjoy sharing best experience and growing as industry professionals.


We tailor our nonwoven products to fit your requirements. We create and produce the nonwovens for your projects. The production from small to full-truck orders are available.


We seek harmonious everyday with colleagues and both success and growth-oriented cooperation with partners.


We have our own in-house laboratory, where we are continuously checking the quality of production.

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