PES fiber balls


Polyester fiber balls – durable, elastic, breathable and, most importantly, washable filling/padding, which is ideal for filling pillows, blankets, soft toys, animal beds, upholstered furniture.

We produce PES fiber balls from:

  •  hollow siliconized polyester fiber. This kind of fiber is covered with a layer of silicone, which gives the fiber fluff and slipperiness. We can offer fiber balls in various sizes made of virgin polyester fiber or recycled polyester (rPET) fiber;
  •  hollow flame retardant polyester fiber. These PES fiber balls are subjected to flammability tests (British Standard BS 5852:1982) and granted with FIRA certificate.

We pack PES fiber balls:

  •  5kg/pack (1kg x 5pcs)
  •  10kg/pack (10kg x 1pcs)
  •  40kg/pack (10kg x 4pcs)

Our virgin and recycled PES fiber balls are certified according to OEKO-TEX® STANDARD 100 Annex 4, product class I.