Recycled textile fiber


While producing recycled textile fibers from collected post-industrial textile, we do our bit and reduce the waste amount in the planet. By opting for circular choices such as recycling and environmentally friendly production methods, we increase our contribution to a better environment every single time.

In Neaustima recycled textile fibers are produced from collected post-industrial textile waste – scraps and threads – that occur during manufacturing processes. All the waste comes from sewing, knitting and spinning factories. Our suppliers are textile factories, upholstery furniture producers. We recycle textile made from polyester, cotton, wool, hemp, flax, acrylic and mixed fiber blends.

Upon request of the customer, we create and produce new products. We provide a service of recycling client’s textile waste into fibers and then producing nonwoven fabrics as the final product for a client. We are more than happy to investigate client’s needs and produce the products that are in need.